· By Alex Lim

January 2021

Monthly guides for stargazers

Night sky tours

Nights might be feeling longer than usual in the northern hemisphere. But why not take advantage of the extra darkness? The Royal Observatory in Edinburgh hosts monthly night sky tours to help you identify currently visible constellations. And you don't even need to leave bed: you can see the night sky via online planetarium Stellarium. A reminder that the universe still moves even as we sit still.
Travel without leaving home

Live streaming tours in Japan

International travel won't be on the cards for a while, but it doesn't mean we've lost the urge to see and learn about new places. These live-streamed tours at local time (in the UK they take place between 1am-5.30am!) take you around some of Japan's most famous tourist sites.
Reading list

Islands of Abandonment

Perhaps the climate-changed world will look more like Cal Flyn’s Islands of Abandonment: a book about abandoned places and what happens when nature is allowed to reclaim its place.

Taking in the post-nuclear wasteland of Chernobyl, an uninhabited Scottish island and crumbling Detroit, Flyn explores how a post-human world may look. On our reading list.

Virtual museum tour

The Dalí Theatre-Museum

The Dalí Theatre-Museum is considered to be the last great work of Salvador Dalí, with everything in it conceived and designed by the artist.

In the words of Dalí himself: "It's obvious that other worlds exist, that's certain; but, as I've already said in many other occasions, these other worlds are inside ours, they reside on earth and are precisely at the centre of the dome of the Dalí Museum, which contains the new, unsuspected and hallucinatory world of Surrealism."

Giving purpose to your daily walk

The joy of steps

Has the novelty of a prescribed stroll worn off? From tracking animals to uncovering hidden history, here are some suggestions to discover a new world in your neighbourhood. Including a few from Herb Lester.