An Appetite For Melbourne
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You will not go hungry in Melbourne, of that we are certain. This energetic city at the southeastern edge of the Australian continent offers food and drink of unmatchable quality and variety. The casual approach of its restaurants, bars and cafés and its spirit of invention ripple across oceans into kitchens and onto counters around the world.

In its cobbled laneways and its shining business district, new enterprises mushroom, the best of which are documented within.

Our guide comprises 40 points of interest, including galleries, markets, shops and parks, among them:

  • Tailored cocktails at The Everleigh
  • The open-air bar and cinema atop 1920s Curtin House
  • Polish sausage and German bratwurst at Queen Victoria Market
  • The unspoiled 1950s charm of Pellegrini’s Espresso Bar
  • The Royal Botanic Gardens’ sylvan pleasures

Sample three entries from the guide: Mario's, Neighbourhood Wine, Abbotsford Convent.

* Written byLeanne Clancey
* Design & illustration by Ross Brugink

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