The Everywhere Box
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You want the world? And you want it now? No problem! Our Everywhere Box gives you just what you desire.
We've put together a comprehensive collection of our guides in a box that will look splendid on a desk, on a shelf, and, of course, as a gift.
Here's what you'll get (list below, subject to availability):
An Edinburgh Companion
A Liverpool Companion
Clandestine London
Filthy London
The Look of London
The Map of Spitalfields Life
Wild London

Writing London
Authentically Hamburg
Destination Helsinki
Let Me Tell You About Madrid
Paris For Pleasure-Seekers
Paris En Famille
Everybody Loves Porto
Around Reykjavik

A Stockholm Interlude
Valencia: Easy Does It
Venice: Step Lightly

New Orleans: Good Times
Party of One: New York
A Brooklyn Bar For All Reasons
Distinctively San Francisco
Mister Lester Goes To Washington, DC

Raymond Chandler's Los Angeles
Rest of the world
Havana Right Now
And beyond
Out There: The Solar System For Tourists

• Custom-made box embossed in fluorescent orange script
• A set of 4 indestructible printed Tyvek® luggage tags
• A Wanderer luggage sticker

It's been a while since we updated some of our city guides, in that time the world has changed a lot. These guides are still packed full of inspiration and have plenty of great tips for things to see, do, eat and drink, but we can't be sure that every place we've recommended is still open or quite the same as it was when we wrote about it. With that in mind, follow this link for discounted bundles of city guides.