Blandings And Beyond: PG Wodehouse’s England

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I can’t even begin to describe my delight with – well, the entire thing… nothing short of wonderful.

- Elin Woodger Murphy

In which we chart the permanently sun-dappled world of the writer known to devotees as the Master. The large-format map charts locations both fictional and real: Blandings Castle, Brinkley Court, the Drones Club, Bertie Wooster's London flat, Wodehouse's school, Dulwich College, and the bank where he endured a brief, unhappy period working as “the most inefficient clerk whose trouser seat ever polished a stool.”

In his works, PG Wodehouse avoided using real-life locations, yet close reading reveals clues. Making use of all available scholarship, and a lifetime absorbed by the world Wodehouse created, Blandings And Beyond is your passport to what Evelyn Waugh called “Mr Wodehouse’s idyllic world.”

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