How to Find Old Lisbon
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Lisbon is a hot destination. Tourists love it and so do escapees from other cities, enticed by the light, the sea, the quality of life. Such popularity means change, but it’s to Lisbon’s credit that older businesses exist in harmony with modish new arrivals.

In Lisbon traditional businesses are not preserved as monuments but as essential parts of everyday life. There are grand cafés and humble tascas, places to buy flowers and seeds, hats and gloves, to have shoes mended — or even dolls. These places are not mere curiosities, they have survived because of their excellence. They are addresses familiar to generations of Lisboans, we suggest you get to know them too.

In addition to the map, How To Find Old Lisbon comes with two postcards in its own die-cut folder.

Sample an entry here: Museu Nacional Do Azulejo.

Folder contents
Map (400 x 690mm), two postcards (100 x138mm)

Litho-printed in the UK using vegetable oil-based inks on sustainably sourced paper.

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