· By Herb Lester

March 2020


Seven serene long reads about our homes

Here are six Curbed long reads, focused on home interiors.

The seventh story is for anyone who is adjusting to the sudden quiet outside their city windows. If you’re seeing where you live in a new way right now, perhaps these stories will offer some insight.


Kitten cam

If you're finding it hard to focus on doing very much at the moment except refreshing the news, take a look at this live feed of kittens at the Brooklyn Cat Cafe.

These kittens are separated from the other cats as they are too young to be vaccinated. Thankfully for us, they can be followed online.



One Last Trip to the Bookstore

It'll be a while until any of us can browse in bookshops again.

Here one writer waxes lyrical about his last experience in a used bookshop: 'Buying a book means making an investment in your own future, a kind of bet. It’s an expression of optimism about what your life will look like next week or next month, what person you will be five years from now.'

(Here are nine or ten ways you can support indie booksellers.)


La Cultura Non Si Ferma!

Culture never stops! is an initiative of the Italian Cultural Heritage Ministry, offering virtual content from its museums, theatres and other cultural institutions.

You may have to brush up on your Italian, but we've found a 360° tour of the Sistine Chapel and free archive streaming at Cineteca Milano, including a restored 1928 silent film, La morte che assolve, featuring images of Milan past.


The Social Gathering

For 21 years, The Social has been somewhere to sit, skive and waste time talking about the important things in life, like records, books, food, art and films.

With social distancing compromising all of our lives so dramatically, The Social has decided to start an online magazine for the duration of the lockdown, which will be regularly updated with stories, features, reviews, book extracts, DJ sets and playlists from artists and friends.

And every day at 6pm (BST!) join their afterwork drinks - 'because no one should drink alone'.