· By Alex Lim

June 2021

Salisbury Cathedral, UK

Peregrine Falcons

Every year since 2014 peregrine falcons have nested at Salisbury Cathedral tower, and 2021 has been no exception. There are live cameras set up to capture their activity, although the chicks have now fledged so catching a glimpse of them is rare. Luckily all the key moments have been recorded and uploaded on YouTube.
An archive treasure trove

Past Daily

When the current state of the world gets too much, we retreat to the past by digging into the enormous audio archive of Past Daily. Our weakness is for mid-1960s radio airchecks – recordings of broadcasts, including DJ chatter, ads, sponsorship and records – which are a unique insight into the period. The archive has so much to explore too, notably a lot of music but also contemporary radio news items. We've not located an index of everything on the site, but the lucky dip element adds some fun to searches.

Coast-to-coast cycling

Great American Rail-Trail

If you picked up cycling as a hobby over the past year and have started thinking you might try a cycling trail holiday someday, read about the efforts to create a joined up coast-to-coast path based on disused train lines in the USA.

Walthamstow, London

The The Woman Who Fell In Love With An Island

A new exhibition at Walthamstow Wetlands Engine House explores Moomin-creator Tove Jansson’s island home and the inspiration she took from nature. It includes photographs taken of Tove on Klovharun, quotes, and her own work including her nature studies and descriptions of birds.

Based in the Walthamstow Wetlands Nature Reserve (Europe's largest urban wetland nature reserve), you can also enjoy the sights and sounds of nature firsthand after the exhibit.

Free digital cookbook

Taste & Flavour

Life Kitchen is a not-for-profit cookery school for people whose taste has been affected by cancer or cancer treatment. Now they've published a book of recipes for those who are experiencing an altered sense of taste or smell due to Covid. Sufferers found they didn’t want to eat certain common ingredients including onions, garlic, meat and eggs, so this cookbook offers alternative meal ideas to make food appealing again.