Brooklyn Mom & Pop
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In this pocket-sized guidebook we showcase 99 bars, restaurants and stores spread across the length and breadth of Brooklyn. These are places that embody the best of the American melting pot: independent, hardworking and characterful.

Packaged in a rain-proof plastic sleeve, it’s small enough to fit in a jacket pocket or bag, making it easy to consult while on the move.

Sample three entries here: Montero Bar & Grill and Roll N Roaster.

* Paperback book, 105x148mm, 128 pages
* Litho-printed in Great Britain on 100% recycled paper

It's been a while since we updated some of our city guides, in that time the world has changed a lot. These guides are still packed full of inspiration and have plenty of great tips for things to see, do, eat and drink, but we can't be sure that every place we've recommended is still open or quite the same as it was when we wrote about it. With that in mind, follow this link for discounted bundles of city guides.