UFC, New York

United States

Extract from Eating Queens: Around the World on the 7 Train.

Unidentified Flying Chickens is an appropriately playful name for this high-spirited fast-food shop specialising in Korean fried chicken (but also serving burgers and sandwiches). The chicken is offered in four styles: hot, sweet and spicy, BBQ mustard, and soy garlic; the skin is light and crispy, the meat tender. A side of Korean radish is a refreshing, tangy complement. After 6pm, mosey downstairs to their beer bar where you’ll find 12 intriguing craft brews on tap. Sip and crunch while you enjoy the exuberant cartoons of interplanetary poultry decorating the walls.


71-22 Roosevelt Avenue

Mon-Sat: 11am-11pm; Sun: 12noon-10pm


Photos by Joe Shlabotnik

Published 16 January 2018

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