Travel folders

On the road

Most of us struggle to stay organised while we travel, no one more than us. That’s why we love these Japanese-made folders we stock in our shop. They’re the ideal place to keep guides and all the other gallimaufry associated with travel. They’re made of plastic, so important documents are protected from rain, with inside pockets to keep things separate, and a see-through front so you know what’s in there.

Everything we can fit into our A5 travel folders:

Pocket tissues and antiseptic wipes. In preparation for public toilets and emergencies.
Headphone splitter. Perfect when travelling with a friend.
Earplugs. Perfect when travelling alone.
A padlock. For extra security, and useful for sports lockers.
Tin of mints, lip balm.
Children’s book. Reliable source of entertainment for toddlers.

A slim paperback. Unlikely to be stolen; inexpensive to replace.
City map. Get a sense of the geography like a local.
Notebook and pen. A day-saver when wifi is unavailable or batteries die.
Coin purse. Perfect for holding foreign notes and coins.
City transport card. Cheaper than buying tickets in cash.
A small snack (or several).

USB stick. Extra storage for photos and emergency travel documents.
Stain removing wipes. When there’s no time for laundry.
Pencil and replacement leads.
Business cards. You never know who you’re going to meet.
Currency card. Save on currency conversion fees.

Published 1 March 2017

Our guides are printed in England on 100% recycled paper