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Tom Froese’s distinctive style can be be seen on Party of One: New York and our Traveller’s Playing Cards. We’re delighted to share his travel tips, Herb Lester-style.

Tell us ​your three favourite places​ (where you live): one restaurant or bar, one shop and one thing to do!
I live in the verdant Fraser Valley, a mountainous, rural region that extends a few hundred kilometres east of Vancouver, British Columbia. When I head to the city (about an hour’s drive for me), I almost always pop into 33 Acres, my one stop shop for coffee, brunch and a growler refill. Craft beer is their main gig, although they make fantastic espresso and brunch too. Another routine stop for me is Much and Little, a wonderful little boutique for delightful gifts, accessories, stationery, and a well curated selection of women’s clothing for my wife. Once I’m done eating, drinking and shopping, it’s always nice to just walk the city, wherever I happen to be, but especially somewhere on the 30km of seawall trail.

Tell us ​your three favourite places​ (anywhere in the world): one restaurant or bar, one shop and one thing to do!
I’m a bit of a homebody, travelling vicariously through city guides, mostly! But of the places I’ve enjoyed around in my limited travels, these stand out to me most.

1) H.A.N.D. (Paris, France). An “American style” restaurant in Paris. When you’re tired of little round tables, Thonet chairs, and feeling a little homesick, it’s nice to be anywhere hamburgers and fries are served. The food and atmosphere is decent, and as a North American, it’s amusing to watch proper Parisians eat their burgers with a fork and knife.

2) Powell’s Books (Portland, United States). Stumptown’s famously ginormous bookstore. A perfect place to get lost for hours and wish you had more room in your suitcase.

3) Les Bains des Docks (Le Havre, France). On our Parisian honeymoon, my wife and I took a 2 hour train ride to the port city of Le Havre for one reason: a fabulously stylish aquatic centre we read about in our Wallpaper travel app. The city of Le Havre itself turned out to have some pretty interesting sites, including St. Joseph’s Church — definitely worth checking out if you can.

Favourite city or place to visit?
The Pacific Northwest is my backyard, and I’ve gotta say, it’s pretty nice here. From the Gulf Islands along BC’s coast to the San Juan islands stateside, and all the way up, down, and into the mainland, it’s all spectacular. Forests of giant cedars, rugged beaches, and snow-capped mountains everywhere all provide a stunning backdrop for a weekend away or a quick daytrip with the kids.

A travel tip or best travel item​.
Pack lightly enough to fit a carry-on — you’ll never wear that extra shirt anyway. Travel with a notebook and pencil (I favour a Moleskine plain notebook and a mechanical pencil), and be deliberate about recording your experiences. Photos can recall feelings but can’t remember names and side-stories.

photo by Sharalee Prang sharaleeprangphotography.com/blog

See more of Tom’s wonderful work at tomfroese.com

Published 21 March 2017

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