Royal Air Force Museum, London


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Neither the approach from Colindale tube station nor the museum’s exterior offers much promise, which makes being inside that much more of a surprise. The sheer scale of many of the aircraft exhibited is quite overwhelming, their bulk and vastness a tribute to the talent of the engineers who designed them and the crews who maintained and flew them. Legendary
names such as the Sopwith Camel and Spitfire are well-represented, as are examples from Japan, Germany, Russia and America. Almost as much a museum of flight as of conflict, it encompasses the first, flimsiest gliders right up to present day jets. What better way to bond with your charges than to be equally dwarfed by a hulking Lancaster bomber?

Royal Air Force Museum Grahame Park Way, NW9 5LL.
Tel: 020 8205 2266

Daily: 10am-6pm

Published 26 June 2015

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