Miami: A mini guide

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We squeezed 33 great things to see and do into our guide, Miami: An Open Invitation, but still there were a few entries we reluctantly cut. Here are three that just wouldn’t fit.

Everglades National Park The 1.5 million acres of swampy marshes and grasslands that cover much of the Southern tip of Florida are home to alligators, 350 different species of birds, manatees and the rare Florida panther. Numerous companies operate the famous Everglades airboat ride tours, which take visitors through river channels to see alligators in their natural habitat. The ride takes an unexpected and thrilling turn when it picks up speed and sails over the tall grass jutting out from the water. It may be a tourist-y attraction, but it’s too much fun to be missed and well worth the one-hour drive from central Miami.

Yesterday & Today Records This 31-year-old shop has managed to avoid the fate of so many of its brethren and continues to buy and sell vinyl from the second floor of a non-descript shopping mall. LPs dominate, and are kept in excellent condition and meticulously arranged by genre. Rock, pop, psychedelic, jazz, R&B, soul, funk, soundtracks, surf, and easy listening are all well represented here. Forty-fives are filed away inside a large cabinet, and CDs share shelf-space with LPs. Record collectors should set aside a full day to cover the entire shop.

Lester’s Whether your mood calls for a glass of Cabernet or a shot of espresso, Lester’s provides a range of refreshments in its laid-back n’ loungy space. Large communal tables, a selection of highbrow fanzines and journals, and easy-to-access outlets draw freelancers who while away the day here, lunching on simple sandwiches and tasty empanadas. In the evening, Lester’s plays host to film nights, live events, comedy and readings.

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Everglades National Park Ernest Coe Visitor Centre 40001 State Road 9336, Homestead, FL 33034 
Tel: 305 242 7700


Yesterday & Today Records 9274 SW 40 Street, 33165 
Tel: 305 554 1020 
Tue-Thu: 12noon-7pm; Fri: 12noon-8pm; Sat: 11am-8pm; Sun: 12noon-4.30pm 


Lester’s 2519 NW 2nd Avenue, 33127 
Tel: 305 456 1784 
Tue-Thu: 9am-10pm; Fri & Sat: 9am-12midnight

Published 2 July 2014

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