We first encountered Martin Azambuja through a perfectly composed photo he posted on Instagram. That one image has led to several collaborations, including Hello Bilbao and now Destination Helsinki. We’re delighted to share his travel tips, Herb Lester-style.

Tell us three favourite places where you live: one restaurant or bar, one shop and one thing to do.
First of all I want to tell you that I live in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay. A country located between Argentina and Brazil, if you zoom in on the map you will see it!

Recently I’ve been visiting a bar owned by some friends, called Tibet, a lot. As the name implies, it’s a themed bar referring to Tibet. There is always a good atmosphere and good drinks.

As for a store, one of my favourites is Menini-Nicola. They are two industrial designers that have their studio in an old gallery in the centre of Montevideo. It is a magical place, with an incredible staircase when entering, and they divide their studio with an adjacent shop. They primarily sell household items, as well as products made by other local designers.

Despite being a small country, there are many things to do! One of my favourites is definitely walking through Ciudad Vieja. It is a part of the city that seems to be from another time. Architecture of the past, theatres, bookstores and pedestrians invite you to get lost in the neighbourhood.

And three favourite places anywhere in the world?
Well, I’m just returning from a trip around Europe so this answer may be a bit influenced by that.

When I was in Barcelona I visited the Harlem Jazz Club. I really like jazz so it was a nice experience and I would recommend it if you’re looking for good wine and jazz.

In Berlin, Modulor is like Disneyworld for illustrators/artists, etc. A space full of artistic materials. I also really liked a flea market in Arkonaplatz – it is small and modest but with a very good selection of objects. When I visit other countries, I like to visit flea markets and find local objects from other eras, although it’s very difficult not to bring too many things with me on the plane!

Whether you like football or not, I would say that one thing that everyone should do is visit the Barcelona stadium. It is the most beautiful stadium I’ve visited. It’s impressive, a theatre for 90-thousand people, and if Messi plays you’ll be assured to have a good time.

Favourite city or place to visit?
The place I most enjoy visiting is New York. I was lucky enough to go a couple of times and always discover new things, both in Manhattan and in the surroundings. I like the rhythm of life there, its neighbourhoods, cafes, etc.

A travel tip or best travel item.
This trip was the first one in which I took a notebook and was doing some drawings in different cities, it is something I recommend. Regardless of the quality of the drawings, it is great to sit for a while and observe the city from the outside, as if everything was happening in the background.

A thing that I can never be without is a nail clipper, haha, it’s a personal issue, I always need to have one at hand!

See more of Martin’s wonderful work at martinazambuja.com

Published 29 March 2017

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