Laura Anastasio


Iceland makes her cry and an aperitivo lifts her spirits, but nowhere beats the Mediterranean for Laura Anastasio, creator of our Reykjavik guide.

Tell us ​your three favourite places where you live: one restaurant or bar, one shop and one thing to do.

When in Milano, aperitivo becomes the only part of the day you care about.

I love Caffè Camparino (Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Piazza del Duomo, 21), where the aperitivo ritual was born a century ago. The interiors are stunningly decorated with mosaics and art nouveau counters, but I get my spritz staring at the Duomo.

Fornasetti boutique (Corso Venezia, 21/A) is both a beautiful and painful experience. Since I cannot afford to fill my life with his designs, I mostly treat it as a museum. Everything he designed is perfectly witty and wonderful, thanks Piero.

I started to love this city the moment I got a bike. It needs some time to get used to there being no bike lanes and angry grannies yelling at you, but the important bit is to get lost and discover all the hidden corners Milano can offer.

Tell us ​your three favourite places​ anywhere in the world: one restaurant or bar, one shop and one thing to do.

Pacific Social Club in Hackney (8 Clarence Road), London. Cafe during the day, okonomiyaki at night. Magnificent kimchi-sandwich makers who also make excellent records in the basement. Decorated with vintage Japanese shop signs and charity shop masterpieces, you’ll have a pleasant experience drinking coffee while listening to records you didn’t know existed.

I’m in love with old perfume/beauty shops such as Officina Farmaceutica Santa Maria Novella in Florence, Buly in Paris or Claus Porto in Portugal. I also like small-sized flea markets like the one in Boxhagener Platz in Berlin. I’ve been collecting German grannies’ accessories for a while now.

Best thing I experienced so far was a road trip around Iceland. The change of landscape is so dramatic it makes you cry every twenty minutes. I called it the Lourdes pilgrimage for pagans.

What’s favourite city or place to visit?

Anything Mediterranean.
I was born in southern Italy so my body and brain physically need to see that neon blue sea every now and then. It’s usually combined with extravagant nature and the best food ever. So can’t say no to that. I’ve recently been to Crete.

Would you share a travel tip with us, or an essential to take with you?

I’m a backpack-only traveller, Kanken Maxi is the closest to perfection I found so far!
You can see more of Laura's work under her indie publishing house/brand: Turpe
The first publication released is a collection edition of TOKYO, an illustrated visual journey, printed in Italy.
Published 19 July 2017

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