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Working as Freedom Art Inc, Jose Lopez designed our guide to Milan. But he’s most at home in Miami, drinking coffee, looking for records and always braced to get a snap of Bigfoot.

Tell us ​about three favourite places​ where you live: a restaurant or bar, a shop and something to do.
One of my favourite restaurants in South Florida is Lemoni Café. It’s a cosy, quaint, art-adorned Mediterranean-inspired café located in Miami Design District’s Buena Vista neighbourhood. When you walk into the café you don’t feel like you’re in South Florida but somewhere else in the world. Whenever I invite friends to Lemoni for the first time they leave wanting to come back. Everything from their salads to their main entrées is delicious and the service has always been great.

From time to time I enjoy visiting a local record store in Fort Lauderdale called Radio-Active Records. They have a wide selection of new and used vinyl that I enjoy digging through — especially for creative inspiration. It’s always fun to find really cool mid-century album artwork. They’re always putting on events/shows for the community, which is cool. The record store is painted in bright yellow both inside and out, you can’t miss it.

One of my favourite things to do is to go to the Wynwood art district in Miami. Wynwood has become the arts hub of South Florida over the years. Everywhere you walk you’re surrounded by murals of both well-known and emerging street/graffiti artists. It’s like one large outdoor gallery. There’s also an abundance of galleries, restaurants and shops one can go to and enjoy as well.

I like to stop in for coffee at Panther Coffee or Mister Block café whenever I get the chance.

Tell us ​about three favourite places​ anywhere in the world:  a restaurant or bar, a shop and something to do.
When I visited Atlanta, Georgia I enjoyed visiting the industrial side of the city. In doing so I came upon a coffee shop called Octane Coffee (now or soon to be Revelator Coffee Company). The coffee shop is very industrial with exposed brick and ceiling. They use old school tables and chairs for seating – I was expecting the barista to take attendance (har-har). The atmosphere is very laid-back and casual with overall good vibes. The coffee and experience is definitely something to remember.

Most of my favourite shops are online. Does that count?

What’s your favourite city or place to visit?
Visiting Washington D.C. has to be one of my favourite places. Seeing our national landmarks including the national monuments and the White House in person is really awe-inspiring. It leaves you with so much pride and appreciation for our country. Going to D.C. when all the cherry blossoms are in season really enhances the experience too. Also, I’ve never seen so many joggers in my life.

Would you share a travel tip with us, or an essential to take with you?
Make sure to bring a portable charger for your phone wherever you go. Your next visit could lead you to discover Big Foot and there’s nothing as frustrating as only having one per cent battery to capture the moment.

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Published 17 July 2017

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