The Museum of Everything

London, England

In an old dairy tucked away off a side street in Primrose Hill are displayed some of Peter Blake’s many collections: circus posters, freak show postcards, dolls and taxidermy tableaux. It is a curious selection, some of which might be creepy were it not for the good-natured enthusiasm of the whole endeavour. Blake’s cheerful captions describe the work on show, and offer an insight into his collecting habits, which seem opportunistic rather than obsessive, a happy accumulator of wondrous objects rather than a grim completist.

With its narrow corridors, warren of rooms and corrugated iron roof, there’s a ramshackle quality to the space which is best enjoyed in relative quiet. Such is the pulling power of Peter Blake and, now on their third show, The Museum of Everything, that to do this we suggest a weekday visit.

The Museum of Everything, Sharpleshall Street, London NW1
(behind the library on the corner of Regents Park Road and Sharpleshall Street)
Now closed

Published 6 June 2012

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