The Flora Tearooms, Dunwich


We do like to be beside the seaside, and while there we indulge in the traditional pursuits: some paddling, shivering in the wind, and eating fish and chips. In Dunwich Village, on the Suffolk coast, past a heath covered in vivid purple heather, is the Flora Tearooms, a large but homely operation. Less quaint than the name might lead you to expect, and more likable for it. Fish and chips are the main order of business here, with a sideline in souvenir teatowels and assorted kitsch.

On a truly blusterous day, you may choose to eat inside but on our visits we have gathered up our crisp, moist portions of haddock or cod with chunky, steaming hot chips doused in vinegar, and headed for the pebbled beach. There we sit by a boat to shelter from the wind and contentedly eat our meals, enjoying the salty breeze and the view of the cold North Sea.

Flora Tearooms, Dunwich Beach, Dunwich, IP17 3EN. Tel: 01728 648433
Daily: 11am-5pm (March-November)

Published 25 August 2012

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