Govanhill Baths, Glasgow


With its vaulted ceilings and red ironwork, there’s a bruised dignity to this former public baths, a glorious example of a social amenity, built in 1914 and closed without local consultation by Glasgow City Council in 2001.

The baths are run down, shabby even, but despite their troubled history, many original features remain: the main pool has its red balcony seating, and around its edge changing cubicles in matching colour. Towards the back of the pool you get to the steamie or washhouse, a huge tiled room with vaulted glass ceiling.

All but one of the old cast iron baths are gone, the copper piping stripped out by thieves, and there are weeds growing up through the floor. The baths seem to be in safe hands, for now at least, no longer a place for washing, but still a focus for the local community.

There are regular events and open days for visitors to explore the baths, details of which are available at http://www.govanhillbaths.com.

Published 6 June 2012

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