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Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Haus of Nomads sells a smart collection of lifestyle and travel goods online. Here they tell us about their favourite travels from hiking in Tasmania to enjoying the good life in California.

Could you tell us three favourite places where you live?
Since we haven’t really settled down in the US, we’re sharing some of our favourite spots we’ve enjoyed around the country.

We love the ambiance at the Commissary, which is in a gorgeous space within a greenhouse at The LINE Hotel in LA.  The light and atmosphere in this place is simply stunning and it’s got such a great buzz about it. We had a fantastic evening with drinks, small plates and to-die-for Californian weather!

A really special place in New York is the Cactus Store where they bring all sorts of cacti from all over the world to one pretty cool urban spot. It’s just a pop-up in New York, but they’ve got another shop in LA and seeing the response from this, I doubt it’ll be the last we see of these guys on the East Coast.

We love taking a short ride from Boston to visit the Gropius House. It lets our minds go wild imagining what it would be like to enjoy the quainter aspects of New England while living in a Modernist dream!

And three favourite places anywhere in the world?
We’ve had some great culinary experiences, but hands down one of the most memorable is Manacá in Camburí. It’s a hidden spot in a chill surf town on the Brazilian coast. You enter through the Atlantic Forest and a culinary adventure awaits you with tropical twists on drinks, food and of course, dessert. The drive to get there from São Paulo is almost as memorable.

So tough to choose a shop, but as designers going to the Bauhaus Dessau shop, we felt like little kids in a candy shop wanting to take home everything they had on offer! But then again, we’ve always been suckers for a well curated museum shop.

We love cultural capitals, there’s no doubt about it, but we need the great outdoors to juxtapose the city’s energy with a different kind of inspiration and rhythm. Our favourite outdoor excursions include camping/hiking in Freycinet National Park in Tasmania and exploring the incredible landscapes of Iceland by camper van.

Favourite city or place to visit?
That’s such a tough question for today’s global nomad! That said, Berlin is a city we’ve always felt at home in. It welcomes you as you are without any assumptions or requesting anything in return. We don’t have the feeling of being foreign there.

What’s your best travel tip?
Get off the beaten track and don’t be afraid of getting lost! That’s how you’re going to find local hangouts, get a real feel for the culture and food, and experience your own soundtrack to the city.

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Photos courtesy of Haus of Nomads

Published 6 November 2017

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