Ghimel Garden, Venice


An appealing little oasis in the heart of the city’s Jewish Ghetto – the world’s first, established 1516. Today the area is growing lively with a museum, shops and restaurants, including this one, which may be the prettiest, especially in the garden during summer and early autumn. Venetian-Jewish cuisine draws on traditions from a number of different countries, reflected in the kosher and meat-free menu that includes Roman-style fried artichokes, Middle Eastern humus and baba ganoush, and one Venetian standard which originated right here: bigoli in salsa, or spaghetti with anchovy and onion sauce.

Cannaregio 2873/C (Campo Ghetto Nuovo)

Daily: 9.30am-11pm (Friday evening & Saturday, only with reservation)

images from ghimelgarden.com
Published 13 March 2017

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