How hard cash, corkscrews and cocktails help make the world go round for design duo Crispin Finn.

Tell us three favourite places where you live in Broadstairs.
Our local The White Swan – it’s like drinking in the front room of your great aunt who has a love for a weekly changing fine beer menu, Ercol furniture and general 1970s golf club bar vibes, and where everybody knows your name.

The Chandlers in Ramsgate – we don’t fish or sail but there’s something about a shop packed to the rafters with nautical items we will never use that is very enticing.

A matinee at the tiny but brilliantly programmed The Palace Cinema in Broadstairs followed by a stiff drink in Wyatt & Jones opposite.

Tell us three favourite places​ anywhere in the world.
So many favourites across continents on various trips makes it very hard to choose just one of each. The Jane Hotel bar in New York makes a great Negroni in the perfect surroundings. Poulet & frites (chicken & chips) at the very old-school Chartier in Paris is a much frequented favourite (we even went there on our wedding day). But Andrew Edmunds in Soho, London, is a little closer to home and provides the perfect mix of non-pretentious but excellent fine food, a great wine list, and the always friendly service – and they also allow us to bring our whippet, Finn, to curl up under the table.

photo courtesy of Andrew Edmunds

RIP Kiosk Kiosk in New York. If ever there was a shop that embodied what we love most in the world this was it; travel, ideas & objects. Curated into themes from around the world, such as Mexican light switches, Italian ice cream scoopers, Swedish sweets, Japanese staplers and all available to purchase. Rather like having a travelling friend bring back the best souvenirs they could find!

Madrid is hard to beat for its art museums, particularly for painting, and we’ve found ourselves in the Prado and the Reina Sofia several times over the years. We really enjoy re-visiting the same specific paintings – they never change but you do, so it’s almost like looking into a non-reflective mirror. And because a fishbowl-sized G&T waiting for you afterwards in a nearby bar is also very nice.

Favourite city or place to visit.

We don’t necessarily travel widely all the time but do find ourselves making repeated trips to a handful of favourite places – Paris, New York, Venice, Madrid, Bologna, Mallorca. But a recent visit to the legendary Colombe D’or hotel in Saint-Paul de Vence in the south of France really made an impression on us for its mix of local history, original art (a giant Calder mobile stands at one end of the outdoor swimming pool for example) and classic French food and drink. The bar alone is a tiny, magical space that seems to have somehow absorbed some of the spirit of its many fascinating patrons from over the years into the walls.

​A travel tip or best travel item​.
Cash talks. A travel corkscrew. And a smile.

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Published 5 May 2017

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