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Based in the Darlinghurst area of Sydney, Australia, Beautiful Pages sell a large range of books, magazines, prints and other design-related goods. They tell us about their favourite tips from relaxing at a local cafe to swimming with sharks.

Could you tell us three favourite places where you live?
There is a nice little cafe in Summer Hill called Envy Cafe. It’s close to home and I try to visit them on a regular basis. It’s a relaxed village atmosphere – the staff are friendly, they have a nice courtyard and the food is great.

Tropical Soul offer salsa and bachata classes throughout the year. They’re located a couple of blocks down from us on Oxford Street. It’s a really friendly community of dancers and the staff cater for beginner, intermediate and advanced students. The Argyle also have salsa nights every Wednesday that are lots of fun (even if you’re a beginner).

And three places anywhere in the world?
A few years back I was in Paris and met a girl who invited me to The Buddha Bar. It was such a random thing to do but turned out to be an amazing experience. The bar has a really nicely decorated interior and the cocktails were amazing. It definitely left a great impression.

Between 2009 and 2010 I spent a year living in London and I was a regular visitor to the Tate Modern Bookshop. This place is amazing and the product range on offer is enormous. I used to spend hours here and get lost in everything the store had to offer.

There is a company in Nassau, The Bahamas, that take you out on a boat to the open sea (yes, open sea – no tanks or cages here!) to swim with sharks. As if visiting The Bahamas wasn’t amazing enough… this event topped it. These creatures are found all over The Bahamas and all love the blue waters.

Where’s your favourite city to visit?
I am constantly blown away with everything that both Tokyo and New York have to offer. I could not pick between the two – to me they are both amazing!

Do you have a travel tip?
Always wear comfortable walking shoes.

You can visit Beautiful Pages in person:

114 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst NSW 2010, Australia

Mon-Fri: 11am-7pm; Sat: 10am-7pm; Sun: 12pm-6pm 

or online


photos from Envy Cafe, Tate, and Beautiful Pages

Published 22 November 2017

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