Atira-te ao Rio, Lisbon


Extract from Lisbon: Here’s Why.

One of a pair of restaurants at the western edge of Almada, Lisbon’s city across the river, it offers a wonderful view of its neighbour directly opposite. Atire-te Ao Rio has a simple, almost shack-like appearance, with one large window at the far end – although outdoor seating is recommended if available. The walk from Cachilhas to the restaurant is about 800 metres, along a narrow path past derelict buildings some of which show signs of habitation, and may unnerve some.

Atira-te ao Rio

Cais do Ginjal 69-70 (Take ferry from Cais do Sodrè to Cachilhas)

Tue-Sun: 1pm-12midnight

Published 9 January 2018

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