Willow Shoreditch, London


Hoxton Street is still pleasingly mixed, a hold-out in an area given over largely to the faddish and new. There are chicken shops, newsagents and greengrocers, a majestic funeral directors and F Cooke’s pie and mash. There’s also Nick Hornby’s Hoxton Street Monster Supplies, about which more another time, and an array of food trucks. And there’s this comfortable little spot, which manages the tricky feat of mixing florist and café without seeming overwhelmingly contrived. Friendly service helps, and a queue of people attests to the quality of their salads which come in boxes stuffed to bursting with a variety of grains, pulses, roasted vegetables and leaves. In truth, the flower shop aspect feels more like set dressing than a fully-functioning part of the enterprise, but it’s attractive, with elegant displays of plants and dried arrangements and succeeds in setting Willow apart from the area’s multitude of coffee shops.

The Willow Shoreditch 92 Hoxton Street, London N1 6LP
Tel: 020 7739 3009 / 020 7613 2587
Mon-Sat: 10.30am-5.30pm

Published 24 October 2014

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