The Boom Boom Room, New York

United States

In New York City, Sheila Burgel visits the Standard Hotel’s super-luxe rooftop bar

The 1990s-looking lobby of the Standard Hotel gives little indication of the exquisite golden den on the 18th floor. Once past the Bond Girl hostesses, a heavy steel door leads to some of the most spectacular views of the Manhattan skyline. In the evening, jazz musicians perform with the Empire State Building as their backdrop. The bar is a real beauty – centered around an enormous honeycomb-coloured gramophone horn that adds a brilliant glow to the entire room. Expect to pay exorbitant prices for cocktails and food, but it’s worth every penny to bask in such a cinematic setting. Please note that sneakers are strictly forbidden and table reservations are recommended.

The Boom Boom Room Standard Hotel, 848 Washington Avenue, 18th Floor, New York, NY 10014
Tel: (212) 645 4646

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Published 11 November 2013

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