K C Continental Stores, London


Update September 2015: K C Continental Stores has closed its doors for the last time.

Wherever we go, we look for shops and businesses with a sense of purpose and the clear stamp of their owners’ personalities, so it’s extra sweet when they’re located on the paths we walk every day. One such is this modest yet excellent Italian deli, now in its 50th year in Kings Cross.
Continental Stores has a sparse, functional appeal – elegant in its simple, undesigned displays. Octogenarian owner Leo Giordani is a charming, gentle presence; he chats with regulars and will offer advice, but never pushes or hustles. If all you want are a few slices of pancetta, that’s okay. If you’re catering for 25, he can accommodate that too.
In regenerated Kings Cross there are now other places to buy parmesan and pasta, but you won’t find us there.

K C Continental Stores, 26 Caledonian Road, London N1 9DU
Tel: 020 7837 0201

Published 29 September 2014

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