De Paz, Bologna


It’s an odd and contradictory state of affairs that at the same time media attention turns to clothing manufacturers whose items have, or claim, “heritage”, the very shops that once carried such items are disappearing. London’s specialist knitwear shops, places like Westaway and Westaway or The Scotch House, are long gone, and even Jermyn Street has lost some of its lustre. But there is some corner of Bologna that is forever England.

In the same location since 1932, and now run by the third generation, De Paz is a fantasy of British style. It’s stuffed full of the very best English, Scottish and Irish knitwear, outerwear, shoes, ties and socks, much of it deadstock and in colours and combinations made for the Italian market. The variety and quality is quite overwhelming, a testament to how good British clothing can be. We feel certain there is nowhere to match this in the British Isles (although we’d be love to be proved wrong) despite the fact that this is the source of much of their stock, so for now to Bologna we must go.

To read a full report on De Paz, visit The Weejun, to whom we’re grateful for the introduction to this wonderful shop.

De Paz, Via Ugo Bassi 4/d 40121 Bologna, Italy
Tel: +39 051 231354
Mon: 8.30am-1pm & 3.30pm-7.30pm; Tue: 8am-1.30pm & 3pm-7.30pm; Wed: 8am-1pm & 3pm-7.30pm; Thu-Sat: 8.30am-1pm & 3.30pm-7.30pm

Published 27 October 2014

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