Ace designer, delightful illustrator, and dispenser of good humour even when panic looms, let’s hear it for Anna Hurley. We’ve worked with her on At Your Service and Paris En Famille.

What’s your favourite journey?
The longest and windiest and most scenic one. Unless I’m late or have to go to the bathroom. Or I’m tired. Or it’s a Tuesday. I don’t journey on Tuesdays.

Tell us your three favourite places?
-Taipei, Taiwan. My mom grew up in Taipei, and hadn’t been back in thirty years, so we decided it was high time she went back. So that was a pretty special place to be. I’ve never eaten such delicious food in my life. It’s also pretty incredible what you notice when you can’t read anything.
-Orvieto, Italy. I went abroad for a semester in college, and lived in a convent for four months. The nuns were so accommodating and wonderful, the convent itself had so many beautiful, secret rooms to explore, and my window had an amazing view of the Tuscan countryside. We would while away the days drawing and drinking coffee. And now I’m fluent in Italian (No, I’m not).
-Wherever there’s a sunbeam.



Where would you like to live? 
San Francisco is a pretty great place to be. I won’t tire of finding new things to explore and do here. And I can’t actually imagine living anywhere else at the moment. But anything’s possible!



Who are your design heroes?
Mary Blair, Jan Balet, M. Sasek, Charley Harper, pretty much anything mid-century, all of my coworkers at Hatch, everyone I’ve met since I moved to San Francisco, and Eunice James of Hello Lucky. Eunice gave me one of my first jobs out of college. We worked together for four years and I learned so much from her.




Worst advice you’ve ever received?
“Drink this shot of Fernet, you’re gonna love it.”


Worst advice you’ve ever given?
“No, I think that shellfish smells fine.”


A favourite motto or phrase.
“Dinner’s ready!”
Published 17 May 2013

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