Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship orders to where I live?

Yes. We send orders all around the world.

Where’’s my order?

Before getting worried, please take a minute to review the estimated times for post to arrive from our base in London.

The Royal Mail estimates that deliveries to Western Europe should arrive within three working days, Eastern Europe takes up to five working days and other countries seven to ten working days.

Sometimes orders arrive faster than the times quoted above and occasionally it takes longer.

If your item doesn’t arrive in the estimated time we urge you to check with neighbours and look through any stacks of unopened mail. We have found that missing orders are frequently just misplaced at the recipient’’s end.

Unless you have requested otherwise, we send all orders by regular Royal Mail. This is an economical and generally efficient service, but there is no tracking facility and so once your order has been posted we are not able to tell you where it is.

I love your guides, can you do one for my neighbourhood?

We plan a long way ahead and have fairly strict criteria for what guides we decide to do, but please feel free to make suggestions. Submit a proposal here.

I love your guides, can you do one for my business?

See here.

Can I work for you?

We are a very small company. We have no interns and no need for additional staff in the office. But if you’re a writer, illustrator or designer feel free to get in touch.

How up-to-date are your guides?

We try to update our guides every 12 months. The guides are printed in limited runs which means we need to reprint regularly, so we use that opportunity to take a good look at the listings before going ahead.

All information is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of going to press but we always advise that you telephone before embarking on long journeys.

Where can I buy your maps?

Please email us at herb@herblester.com and we’ll try to help.

Can I sell your guides in my shop?

Of course! Just email wholesale@herblester.com and we’’ll get things rolling.

Who is Herb Lester?

Sorry, there are some questions we can’’t answer.

Our guides are printed in England on 100% recycled paper